Bible  Study  held Thursday's  at  God's Storehouse  7:15 pm


In March of 1985, the Kloos' experienced a dramatic "Damascus Road" deliverance and healing. One night's encounter with the Lord changed their destiny forever. Rick was instantly delivered from many years of drug and alcohol usage, and Pennie received supernatural healing. Both experienced the power of God upon conversion and were thrust by the Holy Spirit into a life of service for the Lord.

Sensing an apostolic anointing and having hearts of evangelists they immediately began preaching the life changing message of Jesus Christ. In their early Bible college days they traveled the mid-west leading evangelistic teams on citywide outreaches. Later they teamed up with Carl and Betty Malz, former Vice-President of Trinity Bible College and author of My Glimpse of Eternity to be associate pastors in Florida.

Having many ministry opportunities from pastoring to tent crusades, along with Rick’s time working as a jail and hospice chaplain, the Kloos' bring years of experience to their current place of ministry. Their mandate is to advance the kingdom and unite the church through the spheres of influence known as the 7 mountains.  Religion & Media, through Grace United Broadcasts and Not One Lost Tent Ministry.   Along with the sphere of business in their daily market day ministry of “Gods Storehouse” a place of provision that allows them and others not only to fulfill the Great Commission but also to minister to those Jesus told us not to neglect.

Having hearts of revivalists they await the latter outpouring much like that of 1901. They are confident that with God’s call and anointing they along with others  will be instrumental in helping lead a great move of God in these last days.  Rick & Pennie along with their faithful team of co-laborers who help make this all possible minister with great grace and favor to cross denominational barriers for the greater cause of Christ that non- would perish but that all would come to repentance.  

What an opportunity for every pastor, church, leader and five-fold ministry person with a call of God to step to the plate.

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